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 © 2018 by Ulf Loven

Ulf Loven born in Stockholm, his mother a pianist, his father active in preserving the cultural monuments of the capital of Sweden. As a teenager he is active in the biannual Blandaren, a magnet for avant-guard artists with a Dadaist bent. He leaves for Greece, "in search of another reality" and paints abstract paintings in the Greek islands by the thousands on cardboard, eventually starting to use the landscape in a free way, as a point of departure for a phantasmagorical landscape rather than a dutiful rendering of reality.

In New York where after studies with Vaclav Witlacil and Peter Golfinopoulus, his abstract work, always painterly, exhibits an interest in the semiotic; the touch of his brush to the canvas revealing a sign or ideogram usually with an anecdotal reference to a landscape or still life. He has worked quietly developing his own style and perception of painting, the last 20 years in Harlem New York and Saugerties with an occasional year off, once in Bali and twice in Greece. He has exhibited in America and Greece during the last 30 years but has mostly sold his work privately. 

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